Arie A. Bucheister Memorial Scholarship

Honoring students who think with their head, hands and hearts

The creation of this scholarship program is meant to foster confidence and encourage students to follow career paths that will lead them to personal success. Planning for their future is an integral part of feeling engaged in their future. Every student regardless of academic success will have an equal opportunity to receive this award. Often scholarships are reserved for students who achieve academic excellence or success in athletic or artistic endeavors.  The Arie A. Bucheister Memorial Scholarship will identify students who might otherwise have been overlooked.

Each year a student who can express how Career Day influenced their future goals and how the scholarship funds would affect their future education or training will receive the Arie Bucheister Memorial Scholarship. This award is dear to my heart because Arie was my late husband. We honor Arie’s memory by presenting the Arie A. Bucheister Memorial Scholarship.

Further explanation regarding scholarship:

On February 1, 2003, my husband Arie was killed at our place of business in Brooklyn. Although his life was cut short, his memory has endured and he left quite an interesting legacy. While my daughters were students at Oyster Bay High School, Arie was known for speaking his mind. He felt that teachers, schools and students themselves should be accountable for the future the future success of students. He strongly believed that anyone could be successful if they had the desire to succeed. Parents, teachers, and community members should be supportive, of course, but Arie felt that it was up to an individual to do the work necessary to have a bright future.  He felt that young people are ultimately responsible for their own destiny. Arie had a doctorate in organic chemistry. He was an immigrant, and the child of holocaust survivors. He moved to the US with his family at age 11 and he was unwavering that he would have a future very different from that of his parents and grandparents. He was determined to choose his own path, to be in charge of his future success. After working as a chemist at Pall Corporation, he left chemistry to be his own boss, work in our family’s retail business, build a fast food restaurant, and erect a four-story building himself along with local men in Brooklyn who had nothing but the will to work in their training. Arie freely gave of himself to friends, family, tenants, and co-workers and even to strangers on the street. He wanted everyone to have the brightest future possible. One thing he could not control, however, was the short amount of time he would be with us. Criminals may have taken his life but they did not take away his legacy. He lives on in his family and friends and tonight I am here to honor that legacy.

I was so honored to be the recipient of the Arie A. Bucheister Memorial Scholarship this year. Career Day inspired mw to look into a career that I might not have given any thought to. The photographer (Gail Singer) has invited me to go along with her on photo shoots and learn about photography editing programs. This experience has enriched my life! I am a student who started OBHS as a struggling student. Through discipline I stayed on the honor roll and now principal’s honor roll for many years. This is just a clear sign to me that I successfully turned my life around."

As long as I live, I will never ever forget the vision of you on stage calling me up to give me the scholarship. This may be the norm for other students, but for me it was absolutely extraordinary. The $500 will be a huge help to me when I attend college. With my sincerest thanks for this blessing,

Victoria Ann Lattanzio

Arie A. Bucheister Memorial Scholarship Recipient

For any questions regarding this event, please contact Beth Bucheister at or by phone at 917-548-0388.