Any interested high school is eligible to host a Career Day Inc. event. A representative from Career Day Inc. will visit your school and can meet with administrative staff, such as the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, High School Principal, Department Chairs, Guidance Counselors, Technology/Business staff; and/or other interested departments.

Once a commitment and date to hold your Career Day Inc. event is agreed upon, “the Career Day Committee,” is formed, with faculty and staff who are able to support the event by creating an atmosphere of excitement in the planning and sharing the benefits of Career Day.

Following the development of the Career Day Committee, the Committee will work together to compile a list of prospective speakers, utilizing alumni, colleagues, community members, and other contacts. Every effort is made to reach a diverse set of professionals who can share a dynamic story about their own career paths and are able to engage students while providing a presentation clearly describing their professional journey.

Teacher and Student Buy-In

It is critical that teachers understand the curriculum support that Career Day Inc. will provide their classroom. When students connect with professionals involved in the subject matter that is also relevant to teachers’ perspectives it can foster student engagement with course-work and assignments. A meeting is arranged with entire faculty to encourage participation, offers of professional colleagues, as well as their own selection of presenters to shadow during the Career Day event.

Students will have the opportunity to select which speakers they want to meet and can make up to 10 choices to ensure they hear meaningful presentations. They will enroll online using their student ID numbers during a specific enrollment period. Those students who choose not to use the online enrollment will be assigned at random.

Volunteer and Sponsorships Opportunities

The school’s PTSA will be an important contributor to the Career Day event. It would be a great support for Career Day to have a representation of speakers from the parent community. We will need volunteers to help coordinate distribution of schedules, sign in for presenters, and welcome coffee and luncheon.

Sponsorships will be available for the welcome coffee, luncheon, and to help with possible transportation and printed materials cost. The local Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis and other local civic groups will be contacted and welcomed to participate in Career Day.